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How can you help?

:: Animal Protection Society/Association for Benalmadena
As we and other individuals who work to improve the lot of the animals in Benalamdena simply cannot cope anymore due to various issues we have decided we FINALLY need to get an active animal protection society in Benalamdena.  Please do contact us if you would like to become a member and participate, volunteer, or provide funds/food for the upcoming association.

:: Economic Crisis
Due to the fact that 1) one of us is unemployed and 2) the business is not running too well due to economic crisis we will most likely have to reduce our spending on cat food and will not perform further castrations. If you do have any cat food (dry food or cans) as well as any funds for castration (each cost 50 euros) please do not hesitate to contact us. We are not a registered charity but we can ensure you the funds will be made use of. We have so far in our four years activity NOT received a single gram of cat food in support nor any funds for castration with exception of a most helpful aid fom Chain in Spain.  3) You can also help indirectly by using either Isabel´s translation or language training services ( or by using Henry´s IT Services ( Rest assured that we do currently spend more than 40% of our income on animals and animal protection related activities so buying a service from us is money well spent in the aid of animales. 5) we are also looking for a friendly pet food supplier who can help us save on the food expenses.

:: Adopt Dogs and Cats
Our main dream is to find a home for as many of the cats and dogs as possible however there seems to be a misconception about "wild" and "feral" cats. The cats in the area in question are rather friendly and with a bit of tender loving care most of them will make great pets. So we do hope someone will adopt some of the cats, however the interest has been low the four years we've been operating our mini animal protection operation but one can always hope for the future.

:: Donate food or donate money for food
We do need cat food for distribution in our area of operations. We primarily use cat food from Aldi, and Mercadona as the cats seems to prefer the these out of the low-cost variants available. Please contact us via the contact form if you'd like to donate some cat food to a good cause.

:: Donate money for castrations
We do get a few castrations for free from the city hall but this is far from enough. Every castration for a female costs approx. 50 Euros. We also do castrate males in the area if we can as it greatly increases the cats survival rate as well as reduces the number of kittens in the area. But our primary focus is on the females due to lack of funds. Please contact us if you'd like to sponsor a castration.

:: Buy Services from our companies
Approximately 20% of all our earnings are spent on helping animals in our area. The best way to help us help the animals is to purchase services from our companies Pymatique ITOS  and or contact Isabel for her wonderful language and translation services.