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05.04.2010 EDITOR

Dear all,
There has been a recent increase in pet theft in the area Torrequebrada to Torremuelle. We do advice pet owners not to leave their pets unattended. This activity is most likely NOT only common in this area so where ever you might be on the Costa del Sol be warned.

We´ve heard quite a few reports of especially breed dogs, being snatched from outside supermarkets, as well as from the gardens of their family. Be extra careful and do not leave your animals unattended and within reach of strangers as it seems it has become a lucrative "business" kidnap or steal pets.

* Do not leave your pet unattended in public spaces, or within reach of strangers.
* Do ensure that your pet is micro chipped, and also notify your vet so you flag your pet as stolen.
* Also notify the police if theft is the likely cause of your pet´s disappearance.

Please note that if your pet actually has escaped and does not have a microchip it will most likely be put to sleep by your local "municipal" pen within 10 business days or less if captured by a dog/cat catcher. Do contact your local animal pen as quickly as possible to avoid loss of life of a dear one. Even if your pet is micro chipped it is most likely it will be put to sleep if the municipal pen cannot reach you within "reasonable time".

01.03.2010 EDITOR
A special thanks to ChaininSpain for donating to our cause. Much appreciated.

25.09.2008 EDITOR
Remember the WORLD ANIMAL DAY >> Adopt an animal or do volunteer in a local shelter or if low on energy please donate to an animal charity or good cause which helps animals in need.
Do visit the World Animal Day web site.

20.09.2008 EDITOR
The SOS ANIMALS in MIJAS needs your help IMMEDIATELY.  The local town council has decided that the outbuildings and pens built for the on the average 200+ animals being helped by SOS ANIMALS has to be ripped down the next few weeks.

This is a MAJOR CRISIS for the all the animals and people involved. Please DO visit their home page to see how you can help either by offering materials, helping with building temporary shelters for the animals which will get them through the Winter and oncoming rainy Season.

Please do visit SOS-ANIMALS.ORG and give a helping hand or a donation.

01.08.2006 EDITOR

Boycott Chinese products due to inhuman slaughter of over 50.000 dogs. 50.000 dogs were put to death in inhuman fashion due to the treat of rabies. No effort was made in testing the animals before killing them in the most horrible ways. DO NOT TRADE WITH UNCIVILIZED NATIONS.  BOYCOTT CHINA AND CHINESE PRODUCTS NOW.

Read the full story on BBC.CO.UK.

Alternative link and coverage courtesy of PETA:

Sign the petition to STOP this abuse or at least make a dent in the side armor of the Chinese machinery!!!  Click HERE for petition.